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Internet Society of Australia
A Chapter of the Internet Society

ISOC-AU is a non-profit, membership-driven Internet organisation which promotes development of the Internet based upon the needs of Australian end-users. It was founded in November 1996, and is the Australian chapter of ISOC, the Internet Society, a non-profit, non-governmental, international professional membership organization that brings diverse interests and factions together to work out reasonable solutions that generate progress and growth for the Internet.

The Objects of the Internet Society of Australia

The fundamental human desire for communication has been the engine driving social, cultural, scientific, and economic development throughout history. The new medium of the Internet has brought about widespread, creative communication between individuals and groups that previously had little chance of contact.

The overriding objective of the Society is to give expression to the needs and wishes of individuals, groups, or organisations that have a common interest in the viability of the Internet in Australia, so that all Australian users of the Internet may continue to benefit from, and contribute to, its applications, technologies, and evolution.

The objects for which the Society is established are:

(1) to provide broad-based representation of the Australian Internet community both nationally and internationally;

(2) to provide a service for the benefit of the community generally by enabling individuals, groups, and organisations to use the Internet effectively for communication, collaboration, education, and innovation;

(3) to promote the availability of access to the Internet for all Australians, and to provide information, assistance, archives, and other relevant resources for Australian Internet users;

(4) to give expression to the viewpoint of Australian Internet users to business, industry, the government, the media, and society in general, by providing information and promoting education;

(5) to affiliate with other Australian Internet-focused organisations for co-ordination, collaboration and education in order to further the objectives of the Society;

(6) to examine, develop, and disseminate the community's understanding of ethical and cooperative standards of usage of the Internet;

(7) to support, coordinate, develop and evolve effective standards of administration of systems and resources fundamental to the functioning and integrity of the Internet, such as addressing, naming, security and connectivity;

(8) to promote, facilitate, and conduct research relating to the Internet and internetworking; and

(9) to develop and maintain formal and informal relationships with the international Internet community.